AppBar() - Full Review

Flutter: Everything about AppBar() Widget

Flutter AppBar is one of the main widgets that more than 95% of developers are going to use it. In this article, I will explain to you the most common and useful…

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Organized Navigation Named Route in Flutter 2021

Navigate pages with a named route in flutter is probably one of the most common methods to use when you create an application. Named route helps you organize the code and simply navigate…

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floating button change background color

Change Floating Button Color in Flutter

When you create an app, you probably have a color palitra for your app design. Flutter, by default, has a blue color for all Floating Buttons and AppBar. In this…

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Sidebar Menu in Flutter

Create a Sidebar Menu in Flutter 2021

The sidebar menu is probably a “must-have” when you create any flutter applications. It helps you to organize your action links in the app. There are many reasons why would…

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